When buying real estate in the Historic center it is important to verify not only the property and proprietor´s documents but also the situation of the property at the National Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN): if there are building restrictions, if any unauthorized modifications were made, among other possible annotations.

Also verify if there are humidity problems to the property, very common in the Historic center due to the proximity to the sea, how much sunlight shines on it, the condition of the lumber – especially in the roof, and the noise from the streets.

If one intends to remodel the inner part of the property, verify with IPHAN if it can be done, prior to buying it.

Prices of real estate in the Historic center have increased yearly as the number of properties available is limited – and decreasing – and the demand for them is high. The value of a property depends on its size, if it’s a one or two-story house, and on its structural condition (some are over 300 years old).


Laranjeiras condominium is considered the most stunning and magnificent gated community in Brazil. Surrounded by the sea and native Atlantic Forest and protected by federal laws, it has four beaches, a marina, golf course, heliport and security 24 hours a day. The size of the plots varies from 1.000 to 2.000 square meters and the prices vary according to the position of the plots: hillside, golf course, marina or beach.


The ranches and farms in Paraty are located on the coastal plain between the mountains and the sea. A good ranch must have a view, a waterfall and native forest within its land.


Prior to buying islands or coastal areas (seafront land) verify if the place is not in an Ecological Reserve or Permanent Protection Area, especially if there is not anything built, since it is prohibited to deforest or build in these areas.

Islands and seafront areas in the Brazilian coast belong to the Federal Government. These areas are known as Navy Areas and are managed by the Federal Government Heritage Service. However, individuals can have the ownership of these Navy Areas for an indeterminate period of time: under lease or by occupation.

In the areas under lease, the individual buys the equitable easements of the area from the Federal Government, which corresponds to 83% of the quoted value of the plot plus amenities, and the Federal Government holds the ownership (17%). In this case an annual rent of 0.6% of the quoted value is paid to the Federal Government.

In the occupation areas, the occupation, acquired by years of use, is documented through a title, provided by the Federal Government to the individual. In this case, a yearly occupation fee of 5% of the quoted value is paid to the Federal Government, if it was granted after 10/01/1988 and of 2% if it was granted until 10/30/1988.

Prior to the acquisition of an island or coastal area it is important to verify the availability of drinkable water (if there is a spring in the area, a well, mainland canalized water or rain water captivation) and if there is a good boarding place.

All islands in Paraty´s bay are considered Wildlife Areas, therefore constructions are not allowed (Federal Decree 89.242/83, article 5th). However, constructions on the island that had already been erected before the publication of this decree – December 27, 1983 – are considered legal.

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